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These videos were all filmed by Deane Gonzalez on his adventures around the world.

Every month a new adventure video will be added to your membership list to view at your leisure. When ever you want to sit back and experience a real, nothing held back, real life adventure.


Most of the videos were filmed on the island of Kauai , in the Hawaiian Islands.

Other places of interest are New Zealand, Alaska, New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, and  Wyoming.

You can view them all – for $ 29.95 a year and wait with anticipation for the new video every month.

They may be “home videos”  but with a flare you can enjoy.

Deane has a cabin in the forest up in Kokee State Park that acts as his head quarters.

The Kauai videos cover hiking, fishing , and exploring the natural beauty of the island.

See locations on Kauai never seen before on social media. Deane has been exploring this island for over 50 years.  From isolated sea caves to Mountain tops, to the Alakai swamp.  Areas of the Waimea Canyon with it’s majestic  water falls to very isolated hidden valleys only accessible  by  repelling into from helicopters.

Some areas only located by Google maps, and never before explored with “boots on the ground”

Accompany Sportsman Deane as you come along on  these adventures. You will see them as if you were a member of the exploring group.

If your planning a trip to Hawaii and the island of Kauai or any other of the video locations  on this website it will heighten your appetite for adventure.

And give you a better idea of what there is to see and explore.

Remember, life is short, make every moment count. There are no “do- overs”  in this world.  Make every day count.

Deane Gonzalez  AKA  Sportsman Deane

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